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My journey took flight when my hospitality spirit met design thinking.

I discovered my passion for human-centered design when I left my customer service role at ANA, a Japanese airline, and relocated to Seattle to pivot to design in 2019. It simply resonated with my happiness to help others, but it also opened up greater possibilities to make a meaningful impact on people's lives and the world. Although hospitality and design are distinct fields, they share a common mission to deliver streamlined and delightful experiences with empathy. By leveraging both expertise, I aim to deliver an experience that people love and trust.

I design for user and business success

I believe that businesses will thrive when their customers are happy and trust in the services and products, but it is not always that straightforward. During my time as a freelance designer and a design lead at startups, I've collaborated directly with over 10 business owners. Through this, I built my skills to effectively consult with stakeholders, advocate for a user-centric design process, and find solutions that strike a balance between users' needs and business goals. Who wants to work with me next?

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Data-driven, intentional design

Every design decision needs intentional reasoning. To uncover the whys, I advocate for user research to understand users' behaviors, emotions, needs, and pain points and effectively inform the design. I also make sure to explore various ideas and refine them through iteration before selecting the best solution.  

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Holistic, system thinking approach

I see an experience as more than mere screen interactions; I care about the user's end-to-end journey with an organization. I also use system thinking and the service design approach to consider the needs and perspectives of all stakeholders within the ecosystem to deliver design solutions that actually work.

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Customer trust & delight

As a designer coming from a Japanese customer service background, I am committed to incorporating a hospitality mindset into my design practice, going above and beyond to understand and anticipate user needs. I strive to ensure every interaction is seamless and delightful, by exceeding user expectations and making them feel cared for.


I acknowledge that we, as designers, have the power to influence people’s lives and the world, and I strive to ensure that the impact I'm making is a positive one. I advocate for ethical design that centers marginalized groups, supports sustainability, and carefully considers unintended consequences throughout the design process.



I support nonprofits and small businesses

As my side projects, I provide a variety of design work for small businesses and nonprofits in Seattle and Japan. Illustration is one of my favorite ways to create engaging content and effectively deliver messages through websites and social media. It's a fulfilling experience to support those who contribute to creating better communities and the world.

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When I'm offline, I'm a calligrapher

I grabbed my first pen in 2018 and immediately fell in love with its beautiful forms and the power to calm the mind. Using my spare time, I practice calligraphy and design celebration cards, envelopes, and event decorations to bring people a sense of joy and happiness through my calligraphy.

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