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I am graduating from the HCDE (Human-Centered Design and Engineering) master's program at the University of Washington in June 2023, and actively looking for a full-time UX/product designer or design strategist position. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in learning more about my experience!

I was born and grew up in Kobe, Japan, and am currently located in Seattle. I am a self-motivated lifetime learner who keeps seeking new possibilities in life and the opportunities to positively impact the world through my work. In 2015, I left my customer service job at the Japanese airline and decided to rebuild my education and career here in Seattle. During my educational journey, I discovered my passion for design for good, which simply resonated with my happiness to help others. Since then, design has become my new tool to communicate with people and communities.

I'm a social impact advocate. During the past few years, I’ve been providing web/graphic design work for small businesses and nonprofits in Seattle and Japan. It's been such a fulfilling experience to support those who contribute to creating better communities and the world. I'm looking forward to my next chapter in life to address more complex problems in the world.

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My Values

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Personal Growth

I love learning new things and constantly thinking about how I can become a better designer. Especially in the fast-moving UX industry, the ability to keep challenging oneself and adapting to the new status quo is vital. I regularly read books, articles, and blogs, and watch tutorial videos to expand my knowledge and skills.

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Everyone has something to offer. I embrace my uniqueness as a person from a different culture and background and focus on what I can bring to the table. I also enjoy collaborating with other designers/researchers and learn their unique perspectives and discover a new way of thinking. 

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Ethical Design

As a designer, I acknowledge that we have the power to influence people’s lives and the world. Therefore, I make sure the impact I'm making is a positive one. I advocate for ethical design that centers marginalized groups, supports sustainability, and carefully considers unintended consequences throughout the design process.

Giving back to the communities

My goal as a designer is to give back to the communities using my skills and experience.

Design for Passion

Organized the Design for Passion program to provide the HCDE graduate students with the opportunity to find a design project and teammates to collaborate with during Summer 2022. About 40 students participated.


Led the judging process for the Figmathon event by collaborating with UX@UW in Spring 2022. Designed judging criteria to help design judges evaluate 27 projects fairly and smoothly.

Aero Zypangu Project

Redesigned and developed a website for a nonprofit organization, Aero Zypangu Project, to promote their Earthrounder mission project where one-eyed pilot, Shinji Maeda, flew around the world in May 2021.

Feet First

Provided a graphic design work for a nonprofit organization, Feet First, to help advocate for walkable communities in the Washington state from 2019-2020.


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